Monday, July 20, 2009



I miss my parents very much. I ‘ve been in IIUM Kuantan for about two week after a long break that I spend at home. After zuhur prayer I pray for my parents. A long pray till a few drop of tears rolling down my cheek.
A few minutes later my handpone keep ringing. The word ‘Ibu’ clearly appear on my handphone's sreen. I smile.
“Kenapa?” ask my mother after giving salam. I’m quite surprised with that question. My mother the one who make a call to me. So, I'm the one who suppose ask that question, right?
I know my mother can feel what I feel just now.
I still remember what Ustaz Zul(my ustaz in my former school, SMKA Nibong Tebal) said a few year ago. If I not mistaken, I was in form three at that time.
He said that we have very strong connection with our parent’s especially our beloved mother. Our mother can feel almost all what we feel. That is the extraordinary that Allah gives to our mother.
While talking to you, they know either you really love or hate them no matter how clever you pretend at that time. When you miss them, they share the same feeling toward you.
So, don't lie to your parents because thet tend to notice it. Try to be the best child to them and appreciate them while we have the opportunity to do so.

I try to improve my english. No wonder if there a lot of grammar mistake in this entry. Hehe

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